I remember five dreams.

Mom came back from a vacation to Paris and she brought me a lot of chocolate bars, a brand that I had wanted to try for a long time. I was excited about that, she even brought me a few Kinder surprises. While she was getting the rest of her things out of her luggage I started to read and written very small and not even in the ingredients it said that there were almonds in it so I told mom all sad. She and a few other people (at least 1) took a bar and they saw the same thing. I asked her how much it costs and she said a few hundred dollars. Since nobody else would eat that chocolate I told her that since trains were not costly (apparently we were living somewhere in Europe) that going back there to get it refunded we would not lose all the money and gain back at least half. She refused and said that it would be better to lose all of the money. I did not think like that and started to make plans to go there myself for a refund.

All I remember is that Britney Spears was in that dream and poor her was doing her best and still people were making fun or her or/and using her.

I decided that the upcoming Australian Open was the last time I would watch Tennis. Rafael Nadal was the first match and when I opened the television I saw that rain was pouring down and that it would take a long time for all the matches to start (it did not looked at all like that place is in real life) and I said wow thankfully he is first. I immediately said that I would so not miss all that. Then I realised time was advancing and that I could miss all or some of his match because I also had an Hockey game, that made me angry and sad since it would be the last time watching him and that sport.

All I remember is that Batman was in there and I was either trying to help him or doing my fighting alone. Also a few other superhero like Elektra was there too.

We were doing renovations and for some reason it was cheaper to get it done by celebrities. I remember Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie being some doing it, George Clooney also. I also remember me talking to them about my situation when my parents were not around.