I remember one dream.

I met Shumi. He had a fully functioning brain but he was completely paralysed and could not talk. There was no possibility of him coming back from this. I realised that he did not want to live like that and also realised that nobody else from his family and friends were seeing this. One day when I was alone with him I asked him if he wanted to die and he looked at me with pleading eyes, I asked him to so yes with his eyes (cannot recall exactly what yes was and no was) and he said yes like that and I told him that I would help him. I was already heart broken and was more but I did not want him to suffer. Before I killed him (could not be by unplugging him because he was not plugged - how i killed him i cannot remember too) he was able to talk to me via thinking and he told me what to say to his wife so that she could understand. She was furious with me when she realised that I was the one who did that but before she could call the cops or attack me I screamed (or said aloud or normally) his message to her, it was something that there was no way that nobody else would know (their special place), the message that he would wait there for her and that he hoped in the meantime that she would have a long and happy life, when she would move on from this life to go there in spirit and they would be reunited. She was completely shocked and understood that what I did was right.