Spent nine hours and fortythree minutes in bed. Had an average night. Remember three dreams.

I went outside to take a small walk, I went to two places that normally have pollution but it was much worst. It was almost like a dump now and it smelled very bad especially the second place. I decided to go walk at the end anyway since it was not too far ahead and it was beautiful. It was like there was water there before or something else happened that made a beautiful space appear. There was a waterfall when I arrived then water would disappear and come back and when it came back the scenery was different. I took out my cell phone to get pictures of it. Then people started to arrive, more and more people arrived. When it was full of people I made believe that I was receiving important text messages and then I went straight to where picnic tables are to get my backpack (which i did not have at all when i started the walk), many people were there and I realised that it had been stolen, I had many things in there and lots were either important to me or cost a lot of money. I asked if anyone had seen a yellow backback, the color of Brazil. They or at least some or most of them looked and said that it was not there. I made believe that it was not mine and I kept repeating I told him, I told that stupid idiot to not put his backpack there and leave.