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for the last two nights I keep dreaming of my house having no doors or windows. in the living room only. and the second dream was of a different house. the fist dream was a big house and I had guest there. a fairly new home, i went to sleep and awoke then there were no doors and windows in the living room. the kitchen and bedroom was left alone. in the first dream I was either with a boyfriend or husband when i was sleep. puzzling. i know there is a message or I wouldnt have dreamed it twice in two nights in a row.

Interesting dream. This concerns you, yourself, and how you are feeling as though you are closed off socially. The living room is where you do most of your "living" and socializing. It is where you invite people in. However, in your living room, there are no doors or windows. No one can come in. You also cannot see outside. Are you feeling isolated lately?

You would like to have some male intimacy though.

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