I remember one dream.

I was trying out every Halloween chocolate and treats from a store that I could not try before because they used nuts with every of their products but now they had products without nuts. Then I was getting ready to run errands with my parents but mom was doing like dad does which is to put a television on a dubbed movie, she was doing that downstairs while he was doing that upstairs so I had to go hide fast far from the televisions and have some noise to drown these noises. And of course both of them were pushing my buttons all the time we were out. We came back (the house was the same as here but a little bigger - the steps were bigger but we still had 2 storeys - the upstairs and downstairs seemed to have the same amount of rooms but at least some were bigger) I took the big bag from a drugstore downstairs to the bathroom (right now its not built - theres a room where im sleeping on an air bed and if we had the money a bathroom would be built there) to put my things there, none of my parents were pushing my buttons when we entered the house but mom went downstairs too and opened the television to the same channel the dubbed movie was playing before we went out and they were having a show that were playing different parts of dubbed movies.