I remember three dreams.

The Colorado Avalanche had hired Patrick Roy for the coach position and before the season started they hired back Mark Crawford. I and a lot of people were happy to see him back but then I asked myself what would they do with him since Pat is the coach? Then it was the Final and the Stars had made it with them (cannot happen since theyre in the same conference) and I imagined myself on the bench of the Avalanche but then I stopped because I remainded myself that my team was the Stars.

I wake up and wanted to wait a little before getting up but I realised the rest of my family was about to get up too so I hurried to be able to go to the bathroom first (my brother was there too and i think i was hurrying up for him).

Some people were showing a new uniform for women for motorcycling. It had a hoodie and was one piece. It was mostly yellow and ugly but a prototype and it did looked very comfortable, it was also something that you wore with your clothes underneath and it had enough room for it still being comfortable and it did not show at all that you had clothes underneath. The only thing is that you were not supposed to wear a helmet with it and I said well if you drive like Lara Croft it's okay and a man in his car (all that was in a parking lot) made a face. So I wearing that got on a motocycle and started driving like Lara Croft and I ended up with a gun and shooting it at people I was after.