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I had three dreams last night.

I do not remember the first.

In my second my mom was wrong about something (dont remember what) then I told her so and she got mad at me and she was ignoring me so I told her very mature mom and other things (dont remember it too). Then I was in my room but had troube with either the internet or the satellite or both, a man was there to repair it and I said to him that I wanted to stay in my room because I did not want to see my mom so it would be more boring if that thing or these things would not work and he agreed.

In my last I was in an old school (Little House time it seemed) and the teacher said something and I was being a smarty pants about it because I knew it would happen (it had to do with an old Quebec show winning...that show happened to be set in that time period that we were dressed in and the schools were like that too) so I continued making fun of the teacher then left the class. Don't remember the rest.

I really enjoy your very detailed dreams, Nancy! Your celebrity dreams, especially, indicate your sense of and desire for adventure.

Of course, your dreams about your parents reflect your waking life frustrations with them. And your desire to stay away in your own world even though it means that you'll not be able to stay connected to the outside world.

As for the Little House schoolhouse, again this seems to reflect how you're feeling constricted with old-fashioned rules or values and how you are feeling a little rebellious and wanting to stand up to them. You don't respect authority and don't want to play by those rules!

Life has lots of lessons and there are many ways to learn them, Nancy. You don't have to play by someone else's rules just to learn a thing or two! smile

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