I was in bed for less than nine hours. I did not slept well again. Again slept most of the time but I kept on waking up from stupid dreams or from sounds from inside or outside. I remember one dream.

I was with a group of people and we were exploring different parts. We arrived in a gas station in the middle of a forest and a man that was with us remembered a mechanic in that garage sexually harrassing him when he was young. We all said he should confront him after he saw that he was still working there. He did but the mechanic turned it around and said that he was the one who started it. Everyone else working there (and maybe some clients too) started laughing. Next thing I remember was that the man (who was sexually harrassed) and I were in a cabin for a romantic getaway. He suddendly disappeared, after calling for him I got my cell phone and called his. When I heard that his ringtone was coming for a hiding place I knew that I had to get away. I talked to myself that I had no idea where it was coming from and that after going to the bathroom I'd look everywhere. I calmly went to the bathroom and when the door was closed I quickly opened the window and got away. I still had my cell phone in my left hand, I was only wearing a man's shirt. I ended uo in ricks then it was my old street. I tried stopping the cars that went passing by but none were stopping. I could see the people in some of the houses and I knew they too won't help me so I called 911 while running away (he was close behind). I tried hiding after going into another street while still on 911. A police car arrived when the man was about to find me (i was not hidden very well) and they stopped for me. I told them what was happening (including people not helping me).