I remember two dreams.

I do not recall the start (perhaps it did start like that) but I was driving any kind of cars very fast. At one point I could see Michael Schumacher make grimaces because of the way I was driving, the speed and he also thought that I would lose control which I never did, I even stole one of his Formula One cars at one point at which point he was I think impressed with my driving. By the end I was driving away from cops and I actually was able to get away, I was laughing and smiling a lot during that time and even did it on purpose to be chased by them while creating accidents (1 of those accidents was with a cop car i think).

A woman from the government came to visit me to ask questions. My parents either left before or when she arrived. I decided to tell the truth about them a while after she came in, I made sure that they were really gone then I spilled my guts to her. Then I told her my plans to get away plus I gave her as an example an apartment that was not pricey not too far and she was impressed that it was at that price and not in a poor condition. But when I told her how long I would have to get a job and that what I would do after with a smile and face that looks like my family's when they put people down she said what tells you that you will be able to find a job. I was shocked but I continued talking like it had not affected me but it did, it gave me doubts that I could make it on my own.