Spent less than nine hours in bed. Had a very bad night. Remember one dream.

One man was in his house with his two children. His wife which was also the mother of the children was dead. It was a school morning. He got cereals ready for the breakfast but for some reason when the kids got there all three bowls were not good anymore, the cereals had stuck together like it was candy melted. The son was angry at his dad already and after seeing that he was furious. His daughter was more sad about her dad. The boy left the kitchen and the girl stayed (they booth looked like teenagers), he told her to go get her things ready for school and she did it. When he got outside he saw that his kids were tied up in the yard (or that happened before...all i remember was his talking to a man and he told him what he wanted for in order his family to survive...dont remember what he said). The man went away for a while and the dad went outside, he started untying his son but the man was coming back so he told his son to stay there like he was still fully tied (the hands or 1 hand was untied by then).