I remember four dreams.

I was moving out and my parents were not happy about that. I took a little vacation first with a friend of mine to visit a few places and see what was available in these places and to see how it worked, where the stores and everything were (1 of the place where we stayed or visited had many things laying around and 1 of these things were books from my childhood - i asked her to read at least 1 which she did). I got my things ready at like the last minute since I had almost nothing to bring with me. Mom was not talking and dad was angry because he had to drive me to a bus or train stop. I was very happy.

I was either on a vacation or had moved to a new place. I remember shopping and walking around that place.

Dad often would be dizzy and even fall over but he kept acting like it was okay or just not happening. Mom kept saying he should get that checked out.

I was on television watching a Tennis tournament where Rafael Nadal was playing, they were showing two men I had no idea who they were and they for a few moments splitted the screen to show Ralfie and his opponent got up their chairs after the warmup to start their match, I started to freak out because I thought he would of started later and then because I realised they would go back to the other match so I tried to find it as fast as possible. During that time I could see the match but not me in the dream, it looked more like a ping pong match than anything else.