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I was in bed for about ten hours. My night was very bad, took a long time to fall asleep and woke up a few times for long times. I remember just one thing from three dreams.

In the first I got some food from a fast food restaurant, I left the cheeseburger for last but when I arrived to it I was disappointed in it.

In the second I was playing old video games (it may of been the first...i just remembered that 1 when i was here typing the first dream).

In the third I was walking.

Hi Nancy, thank you for sharing your dreams so consistently. Even though others may not comment, this thread has many lurkers who enjoy your dreams.

It still concerns me that you seem to lack quality sleep though. It seems like a physical issue related to your diet. (You often share your diet in another thread.) When one has poor sleep, it affects her dreams, dream quality and even dream content.

But your first dream reflects on your attempts to receive nourishment (spiritually and physically) from a fast source. You choose convenience over quality and receive disappointing results because of this.

Playing old video games indicates how you are using old patterns to escape facing waking life problems.

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