Spent less than nine hours in bed. Had an average night. Remember two dreams.

In the first I was wearing a polo white dress (i mention it because it felt like me wearing a dress was very important and like a big step for me). I entered a big shopping mall and after walking around I saw Brian Austin Green and he started talking to a man selling something in the middle of an hallway. I was mostly walking around and sometimes entering a store, evertime I would walk by the actor would still be there talking to the same man. I said to myself (or said it on a cell to someone else) wow that conversation must be interesting, he has been there for a long time. At one point he saw me and he knew from my reaction that I had recognised him but he was happy to see that all I did was smile and continued on my way without bothering him. We ended up leaving at the same time. When I saw that it was him just behind me coming up to the same door I was nervous. I said by the way I am a fan, David was a character that I loved but it took me a while to love him, I especially loved him when he was with Valerie and that made him laugh since she was not the nicest and most loved characters. He said a few nice words and we both went out. When we were near his car I received a phone call and he stopped from entering his car because I seemed upset. I was asking if it was a joke that I had taken three buses more than ten subway stations another bus and walked for almost an half hour to get there. When I hung up Megan Fox was there too and I was crying. They asked me what was going on and I said that I had an appointment and that it was just canceled (on the phone it sounded like i was talking to my mom...like i was coming there to help her and that she had changed her mind) and they both were mad and went there with me. At first I tried to reason with them by myself and then they said that they would sue them, it did not bother them at all. They took me in their car and while we were driving I was telling them about my situation and they decided to drive to my house then look around, meet my parents and help me get my things and bring me out of there. That's what happened.

In the last I heard that Eminem and Miley Cyrus had done a song together. I was angry about this. I said to myself what is he doing, first Rihanna then her. Then I saw their video, it was basically her wearing just a thong laying on the ground and her singing then him singing and banging on her chest like it was an instrument then she got up and took off his shirt then he went on the ground.