Something interesting occurred yesterday. For years, I used to have dreams about being on a freeway and making transitions onto other freeways. I would get frustrated because I would take the wrong transition and have to double back.

Well, lately I've been doing that in my waking life while driving. Missing the transition on the freeways and having to double back. This has been happening whenever I'm on a long drive to a new place.

It was deja vu yesterday as I actually was on the same freeway that appeared in my earlier dreams.

In my waking life, I am in the midst of a transition and have been considering and reconsidering different paths, even thinking about returning to a former path. It's just so odd that my dreams foretold about this part of my life a long time ago.

The good news is that in my dreams, I do eventually make it onto the right freeway. In my waking life, I feel like I am on the right road finally. I feel at peace with this decision.

I was told during prayer once to "follow the peace" when making decisions. Instead of trying to debate things in my head, I now follow the peace in my heart.

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