I remember one dream.

I was an astronaut and me, two men and one German Shepherd went to the Moon after being ready. We arrived there in three days and then got our things ready for our mission. When we all were working in our spaceship I heard a strange noise and while I was trying to listen and see where it was coming from the dog who was also listening starting barking, I soon realised that it was insects so I screamed for the others to hurry and put their spacesuit on, I put the dog's suit and then mine and when everyone had theirs what seemed like millions of small bugs came out of everywhere. I hit a button and smoke came out and most were killed while all the others disappeared from where they came from. After a while we were trying to figure out what these were and how to get out of there. I was sad about that because I was thinking before this happened that I and the dog could of stayed behind in the building we were supposed to build, we would of had enough necessary things to survive until the other crew would of arrived.