Spent less than seven hours in bed. Had a bad night. Remember one dream..

I was camping with Tom Cruise, David Beckham and another man who I think was also someone famous (i cant even remember seeing him correctly in the dream). When we were all together when the night was coming I left for a small walk, there was a little hill (no more than 5 feet) and on the other side there was a small path so I went right where I saw that there was a body of water and another beautiful part of nature on the other side but I came back because of the mud and other reasons I cannot remember and I saw on the left side of the path a Black Bear so I went away calmly. After the tiny hill I saw that David Beckham was complely naked and doing weird streching near Tom Cruise so I made believe that I was busy taking something off a shoe (rubbing it on the ground) and looking elsewhere (Tom did not looked happy that David was doing that but he remained polite about it). I ended up again in the path but I was careful this time because of the Black Bear, I was bare footed and went where the mud was and was having fun in the mud with my feet. The Black Bear ended up seeing me (i think...theres some parts missing).