Thank you Lori!

I have dreamed a few times in the past months about spaceships. I guessed right about what that means, I think that's the first time I have guessed correctly what something in dreams means.

There's something from an old dream that I would of love to know what it means. I tried the other day to find here but could not. What does it mean when there's bird droppings everywhere? In that dream when I got home there were birds everywhere including the house (some dead some alive) and their droppings were everywhere too. I remember that Bradley Cooper was sitting on a bench outside with someone else and that they both were shocked at my beautiful voice (i was riding a bicycle and singing), I also remember going inside the house, my mom thinking everything was normal with the birds and me telling her that I was moving out. I usually forget my dreams (sometimes before waking but that one stuck with me for some reason.