I remember four dreams.

All I remember is that me or someone else had bought something at a grocery store and that it had to be immediately put in the fridge or freezer and that there were no hurry when back home eventhough I/him/her felt that it had to be done and fast.

I decided to start driving again. We were living in Saint-Hubert but it was a little different. Dad was not too sure especially for our first stop and I told him that years ago when I was driving by myself that I had went there alone without any troubles. Mom was anxious on the backseat. At the end of our street there were two very big holes that were from one side to another side, the second was even deeper than the first, I drove pretty fast through them and since I was driving the F-50 there were no troubles. When turning on the other street I started driving really badly, it was fast and all over the place, at one point I even ended up on the grass in front of the house and turned into a street by going down some steps there. I had a few problem parking but when we came out the car I saw that I was parked perfectly which shocked me and I made sure both of my parents saw that. When it was time to turn on the alarm before going in the store I had to try a few times and we all went into the store not too sure about our car having the alarm on or not. The last thing I remember is us walking through the store looking for things.

I wanted to masturbate in this room, mom was in her room too and I did not care. I closed and locked my door and I immediately started to undress and find a porn website on the internet after closing the volume at the same time. I even started masturbating before finding a video.

A man and his family that was a wife and three kids were at a bus stop buying tickets for a family vacation. At one point the wife acted cruelly and he decided that he had enough so he successfully ended up sending his wife and kids elsewhere close and when they were gone he asked the person who was selling the tickets to change his to Alabama which he said to the person after he repeated it that he was born there. He was then told to hurry up because that bus was leaving and he started to run and by hitting the door he was able to stop the bus that had started and he then entered (by that point he had an invisible plastic bag with change that was his ticket but it turned into a ticket when he gave it to the driver then sarcastically with a few of the passengers looking at him laughing at him the driver gave him 1 then 2 tickets that was supposed to mean that he was accepted and to keep it) then he found a seat with everyone looking at him and them not wanting him to sit next to any of them. At some points like when he was changing his ticket and when he was running after the bus I had the feeling it was me and that his family were my parents.