I only remember my last dream.

I was a young gymnast who was not respected anymore and noone I could win again (dont know if it was because i was injured or what...all i know is that i was once the best...i looked to be 17 in that dream so maybe the reason why is because i was too old..not sure). There was a bunch of murders and an innocent man was being accused of it all, while he was walking he was angry because he was being followed so he stopped and started yelling that he was innocent and tired of it all so he put a gun to his head to kill himself and I told him that I knew that he was innocent and that I would help him but he accused me of being a cop and that insulted me. He tried to kill himself and when he was on the ground (no blood and he looked allright) and walked right at him and gave him the finger. Then I was in a room with a group of gymnasts and coaches. Everyone was either ignoring me or laughing at me. I was sadden by this and I have no confidence in being good anymore but I took off some clothes (had gymnast clothes on underneath) then went to the poles and starting working on them and everyone's jaw dropped because I was awesome.