I remember two dreams.

I was a prisoner in a camp somewhere in Africa. I was the only woman and the only white person there. At first I was left alone by the guards but then they asked everyone to hold hands so I held hands of two children (i picked the ones who were sicker and weaker) and they screamed at me to not hold anyone's hands but I did anyway making sure the two really were sick and weak. They took me away and they started torturing and raping me. I ended up standing up to them and then I was rescued (i dont recall that part of the dream) and ended up in the army of my country. I climbed the ranks very fast because I was a hard worker and learner and some people there did not like it. They tried kidnapping me in my sleep to rape me but I started screaming then I ran away and ended up in the room of the highest ranked officer and I woke him up. The people who tried to rape me were dealt with and I was given an higher rank.

I was at my aesthetician (sp?????? i never remember how to write that word!!!) for my waxing appointment. She left in the middle and to pass the time when I realised it would take a while before she would come back I decided to re-arrange a drawer that had knives, forks and spoons. All these ustensils were together and I thought it was danegrous because some of the knives were really sharp. She came back when I had just finished to put them all together, I showed her and she said thank you with a smile but I could feel she was not happy about me doing that.