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I dreamt about a meri-go-round that wouldn't stop. An issue that in the family isn't getting resolved but getting worse is getting to me. I also had weird dreams, creepy and strange - I don't know where they come from. Dreams are amazing.

I had one a few weeks back, which was full of ppl and different bright colours exploding everywhere as I was on a ride flying past them all, in one part I was going down a circular car park and as I reached each person they had a party popper that exploded with colour - it was the most amazingly colourful dream I've ever had. I wasn't in control of the ride but I found it thrilling. Then I was leaping over cars as fireworks of colour wen't off, green, yellow, purple, pink - they were so bright it was awesome. When I woke I was sad it was over.

What does it mean?

Well, you pretty much pointed to the source of your merry-go-round dream. A merry-go-round reflects one's childhood issues. Whether the symbol itself is positive or negative depends largely on the feeling that it elicited during your dream. You said that the merry-go-round wouldn't stop. That can be freaky and exhausting.

This indicates that there is a feeling of helplessness in not being able to "get off" the endless ride of going in circles with childhood/family issues. Nothing is getting resolved, you said, and this is why the merry-go-round won't stop! What happens when a child stays on the merry-go-round too long? He gets sick and dizzy.

As for the dream full of people and exploding colors, this must have been quite a sight to behold. But this dream, to me, seems to refer to all the people in your life who are "exploding" with colorful emotions of all types. Colors in dreams often reflect emotions.

Life is a ride and it's taking you right past all of these highly emotional people. The circular car park? Most people in life are moving but going in circles when it comes to their spiritual evolution/progress. You're riding high above all this but you find that observing it all is pretty fascinating.

Life really is thrilling once you understand and accept your creative power and potential that you can see so easily during dream state. We're often sad to awaken to the limited reality we think life is.

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