I remember one dream.

I had a sister (which in real life its a brother - i and mom did not look like we do and i dont recall seeing dad) and we were on the outs because of a huge fight or something one of us did to the other. She (she also looked normal but was the size of a very small doll like a barbie) had a big show to do and at first I did not want to come but I decided to anyway since she was my sister. Mom and the rest of the family that was there sitting in the same row (an empty seat was mine) were so angry at me that they refused to acknowledge me (my mom in this made 1 of the face she has made since i can remember) so I said okay bye you will never see me again because I am moving, mom almost laughed because she did not believed me. I picked up my four musketeers because for some reason they were at the show and I went immediately home to pack everything. Then I went outside on my cell phone to hide where I was going because I had to call a motel near a bus stop to rent a room there because the bus hours were crazy. We could barely hear each others so I said that I would call back from a real phone and when I did which was immediately (that phone had a spot where it becomes red when someone else picks up another phone so i figured that i would know if she would listen) but a man replied and he tried finding my info but he could not, finally I was able to get a room soon enough for my gateway to freedom. I also made sure that the move was in between games of the Dallas Stars so I could not miss any. When I was in the bus finally I saw Johnny Depp who had totally lost it, he was naked, covered in tattoos, he looked to be almost one hundred year old and he was dancing like a maniac in the streets and everywhere else. I was having pity for him but not much else, I could hear a woman on the radio saying that she hated people like him.