I remember two dreams.

I had decided to move to another country, at first it was just deciding where to travel but when I saw some countries you needed so little money to survive I realised that in some places I could make it. I then called Bell and asked them if their services were outside Canada and if so where. At first I was talking in French and then I decided to finish the call in English and this is where I started having troubles. One word in particular (operate) I could not say at all. When I finally finished the call I came back inside, for some reason in addition of doing it outside I had taken a garbage can with me (the inside of small ones - it did not have a bag inside) and I forgot it when I went back inside. I realised that later and mom looked at me angry and sarcastically. Then we had to leave but before I realised that I was forgetting my weekly shows. I thought that I would be able to watch them before leaving but I realised that I missed at least one and could not watch the other before leaving. Something was going on too but I cannot remember it except that it was at least stressful (just remembered it was someone who went missing on the other side) then I thought two of my musketeers (Ti-Pit & Elmo) were gone too and mom found one and the other. Gagou was left outside, it was mom who had put him there while I was on the phone. Coin Coin was safe but I could not put his favorite hat on correctly. Later I found the other person was kidnapped the other side (by a demon who looked like the doll in Saw) I decided to go there myself to get her, I was not even afraid before going and while there. My parents did not want me to go. I searched the demon by screaming for him and when I found him I faced him without fear.

Me and my parents went a few times to a restaurant in an hotel. the first time it was free but the others were because we liked the food. We decided to go there one last time but entered through the entrance from inside the hotel. I did not even follow my parents and they barely followed each others. Then we were seated in the middle of the room which I hated and the seats were uncomfortable without any backs. We were looking the menu like it was our first time there. I was not really hungry and while thinking about just one small thing to order I thought of asking if they could just give me one Lobster but without the shell, the waitress said she would ask and I followed, the chefs laughed a little at me without being mean and said they could do that.