Spent about ten hours in bed. Had a bad night. Remember two dreams.

All I remember is that it was like the movie Titanic (the only thing like it technically was the boat some of the actors that it sank). Leonardo did end up with Kate, she told her mother off, they spent a few hours toghether and the boat was sinking (near New York i think...i remember seeing that city...im almost 100% sure the boat was near it when it sank...i know it took a long time to it to start sinking after it was hit by the iceburg). They both were separated when it started sinking, Leo was with a shotgun trying to find her, he saw her mean fiance and tried to hide, he was in a long corridor and all there was there were revolving glass doors so he went there, of course he was spotted and he was trapped in it by him (he found it extremely hilarious of course), Leo was left there wondering how to get out (he wanted to keep the bullets so he did not want to get out by shooting the glass). Kate ended up having to swim out, she was very deep and at one point I remember her swimming back down and waiting there.

I had washed my white towels but wanted to dry them the next day. When I got up I saw some white towels there, at first I thought it was my parents white towels but there were more than they had so I realised my mom had put some of mine in the dryer, I told her I wanted to do it myself and today.