I remember three dreams.

A special concert was about to begin outside with many different music celebrities, they all were interviewed by Jimmy Kimmel before it started. When he said good luck he started laughing and this is when people realised they all had their penises out with paint on them, all were huge especially one (he was too a celebrity but in that dream not reality) and all were erected. They walked past a lot of people including fans to end up on the stage that was surrounded by metal fences, some fans were inside of that fence and some were out, there were also many media and it was televised (that last thing im not too sure).

I was running and hiding because someone or some people were after me. A few people thought I was acting strange because I was doing that mostly in public but nobody thought of helping me.

I was shopping with mom. I was looking for a set of a nightgown or bra and panties with a matching robe. I could not find anything with my breast size until one of the shops had a bra on my size but nothing would match so I bought the bra for another time and went to one of the two lingerie store remaining and that store had what I was looking for but in that store people who were shopping were staring at me laughing at me because nobody believed that this was for a man. The ladies working there did not either but they still were professional and listened to me when I was talking (i explained what it was for and that i and him wanted it all to match).