Spent less than ten hours in bed. Had a bad night. Remember three dreams.

Elmo and Cookie Monster were in two boxes next to each others and they were having a contest in which they would put something on then make different poses to see which one was the cutest. Elmo won the first round and Cookie Monster won the second round. Elmo was angry when he lost. Me and my mom went to walk to find rocks so that they could use to pose with. My mom ended up crossing a path that was set up because of a flood so I told her and she continued anyway. I was angry at her and followed her while being careful but when she crossed the street I said mom it could be very deep then went straight next to the river I turned around and left her there.

Me and my parents were driving in a place that looks like only factories but I found a store so I said to my dad to stop so we could check it out just to see what a store in an area like that would be like. It was not so bad but of course not extraordinary either. My mom found something that worked with batteries that were provided but she asked for new one eventhough it worked, she replaced them herself, there were a lot of batteries, more than ten for sure. She came out all proud with that electric thing with her, it was the same size as an iPod but it was not, the front was glowing like it was a computer screen but it was not, it was most likely just a calculator.

A woman woke up in the hospital from a surgery. She was covered by a plastic covered and plugged in many different things with many cords. She was naked but we could not see anything even with the plastic and nothing else covering her.