Spent less than ten hours in bed. Had a very bad night. I can only write sentences for each of the dreams that I had since it's all I can remember from all of them (the first just disappeared from my head...the first and second could be from the same dream).

Weird shopping for deodorants, a boy was doing it and was acting like he was stealing but it was not it, then he (then its like he became a girl...not too sure about that though) was looking to find body lotion, the mother was somewere in the store but the child kept on moving (i think he was looking or make believing he was looking for her at 1 point) and when he/she was doing that there was two old women.

A teenage girl met a teenage boy, they ended up in a tall tree very high and they were trying to get down, when they did the teenage girl later found him when she was looking for him in bed with her mom but she was not angry about it, she just left, there was also something about her mom holding money from her and the teenage boy trying to get her that money by sleeping with her mom.

A girl was born just to become a star, I could see her at different stage of her life being one (doing different things like theatre singing playing music), she was a teenager and the parents were happy because they thought she was close to be rich and famous, then she became a girl again and she left for school (or somethimg else) with her doll, suddendly her parents had feelings for her because they were about to take her doll away from her and they knew she would miss that doll because she took it everywhere.