I remember one dream.

A man was on Judge Judy (she was young and the show looked much different - the part at the end where she gives her judgement was to bring everyone involved near her and they were all sitting in coaches next to each others). A man was saying that he was treated like a terrorist at work then was fired because people thought that he was. After everything was heard she decided that he had won and she gave him more than 17000$, he almost hugged her during that time and immediately said that he was sorry and she said that was okay. While she was explaining her judgement the man blinked to a friend who had helped his cause. A while later when the judge was not working she received a text, it was a video titled my hard life so she looked at the video and it was him and the friend shopping at a high end store and him whining in the middle of high priced objects and his friend filming it all.