My latest dream was about a friend of my husband's.

Let's call him Tom. But Tom was standing in what looked like the sky - all blue. There was a tiny lady in front of him with her arms held out wide.

She went to hug him and her arms spiritually I guess stretched all around him. He is rather a big fellow in life.

But the woman was older, like 80 or so, maybe younger. She said, "Don't you know how sad she'd be if you were gone?"

So I told my husband about the dream. He told me his friend's grandmother just passed away about a month ago.

I said, o.k. the grandmother then in the dream was really small. (I've never met the grandmother).

I also said, the friend, in the dream was contemplating suicide or had in the past. The grandmother was trying to disway this?

My husband told me he had met the grandmother and said, the physique was accurate. His friend knows what I do, and he's contemplating sharing the dream confused

Karen Elleise
Clairvoyance Editor
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