I remember two dreams.

Dad was going to go shopping and I went with him (mom was going too) eventhough I did not feel like it plus something was coming soon on television that I wanted to watch. We ended up in a big shopping mall that had many more stores around. I bought something in a store that we had not gone before and we then drove to another store, for some reason I brought the bag with me in the other store and again for some reason I was ashamed of people knowing I had gone in that store and I was also afraid to enter a store with the bag of another store so I made the bag smaller than it could and I thought like that that people would think that I was holding this bag for dad.

I was with the Dallas Stars and we were at home for a seventh game and we were winning by a large margin. At one point the dirtbag who blew a kiss at the end of the third game of the semi finals in real life skated by and looked at me so I blew him a kiss with a huge smile and he was livid, when he entered his bench area he broke a stick and I looked at him and showed my hands making them shake with a fake fear in my face which made him more furious.