I remember two dreams.

Olivia Wilde was with Ryan Reynolds but they broke up and he was now with Blake Lively. Olivia decided to announced that she was pregnant (i think she was for real but cannot be sure). At one point Blake was at a hotel for something she had to do early morning, Ryan went there to surprise her but when he entered the room it was very messy, at first he thought she had slept through the alarm clock but then he realised she was not in the bed. Many minutes after he had entered Olivia said do you want scrambled eggs too, he jumped and she came to the bathroom's doorway that was also a kitchen. By that time he was scared for his girlfriend and when that happened he thought she was killed by his ex but soon after she came back in the room and was not angry about his ex being there. Then the dream stopped, rewinded and started again. That time it was Olivia calling hysterically Ryan to tell him she was pregnant. The timeline was them sleeping together that same week and a few days later he had broken up to be with Blake. They met with each others and she was again hysterical saying that this was all she needed to be in the small percentage of women taking the pill but ending up pregnant anyway. Ryan and Blake were not happy about that news but they both wanted to make it work for the baby.

Stone Cold had won a wrestling match and the next was Vince McMahon against someone else younger, that match was called Days Of Future Past but the ring was completely full with other people. After he won people booed but for a few seconds then everyone else were moving on, he was doing his acting while walking out but then stopped when he was that people were still freaking out over Stone Cold being in the hallway where they walk in and out. Stone Cold was against fans and he had a microphone on his head and talking to fans like that, he left the group of fans that was touching him for another group but a few seconds later he walked again to leave and he stopped talking.