I remember two dreams.

I was walking and saw a kitten that looked like he was blind. I screamed because he was in the street. There was a bench there and Brigitte (an old friend who cannot even email me anymore) was there. When I approached the kitten started to run away, I screamed oh no. I asked Brigitte if she could try picking him/her up since she had a cat once so she was better with them. That's all I remember.

All I remember was that a young man or a boy or a man was asking for an ourang outang and he got his wish. He got a baby and he was very excited about it. At one point someone else who looked like Gordon Ramsay started to eat apples, he was taking the apples out of a bag and almost all had the skin off. The ourang outang wanted some, afer eating one when the man gave him another one he/she motioned that he/she wanted another kind of apple, the man gave him a yellow or green apple (the 1 he/she got was a red 1) and the ourang outang was happy.