I remember four dreams.

I was timing my trips to the bathroom and my beauty routines with the times I thought my parents were going to the bathroom to try and not have the bathroom stink when I would get there.

I remember Pamela Anderson and Tom Cruise being there. I also remember Tom Cruise was not there a lot and those two were not together.

Andy Murray had won his First Round at Wimbledon but he was not happy with his match. He tried venting his frustration in the locker room but his new coach was trying to calm him down because a new tradition was in effect and it was lots of media being in the locker room. After his Second Round that he won more easily he first started putting his head under a towel and showing his two middle fingers but that just made the media proud because he was truly affected by them so he started cursing after getting rid of the towel then showing porno while still cursing and finally they were given the order to all leave the locker room.

It was me and Dwayne Johnson who had sex and filmed it and it had leaked somehow (not the fault of any of us). We were not happy about something very personal being able to be watched by everyone but we also were not ashamed of what we had done.