I only remember one part of a dream (or it was the entire dream..not too sure...it was the fourth day that i spent awake most of the night).

I was checking my emails while my mom was checking it from behind me, she was being nosy but also trying to be nice and show that she cares about me, it was very annoying but I said nothing while not looking at every emails because I did not want her to see certain things. When she was gone I looked at all the rest of the emails and the last one was a receipt of a two way train ticket that I had bought weeks ago. I did not remember this at all and that was the day the train was departing from where I lived. I still had the time to catch it but I was supposed to have received by mail my tickets but didn't got them so I called them and spoke to a nice woman about it. When I hung up the phone I thought it was all figured out but I realised that she did not tell me if I would get my money back or not.