I had this dream this morning. Weird.

I was somewhere with the male lead in my novels. He sounded like the character and looked like the character, but had mannerisms like my ex-husband. Ugh!

Anyway. I think it was a restaurant somewhere.

A boy I'd say was about 13 years old wouldn't let go of me. His brother kept telling him to leave me alone and I kept trying to pull him off. It seemed like he was infatuated with me. (I think I need a shower). We were finally able to peel him off me.

The guy I was with, made comments about various people around the room. He made a comment about one and we found out she was giving birth on a table in the restaurant. She got off the table once to go try to help another woman who was on the floor giving birth (she had a nurse taking care of her the woman on the table). I approached her and asked her if she'd like me to help the woman. She said, thanks, but no thanks.

Then I ended up with bubble gum in my hair. Is it something I ate? smile