Spent less than four hours in bed. Had a very bad night. Remember one dream.

I was extremely excited because I was going to finally move out of my parents house. I was going through was looked like either a shopping mall or building. When I (i was talking about excited i was...its like i was writing it somewhere on the internet or by email or like i was giving an interview but noone else was with me) and my mom (she appeared just before entering the appartment..i was so excited that i did not cared that she would be there too) the entrance was in the building and it was opened, benches were there and stairs were going in the appartment, I said that all that would be closed so it was okay, in the meantime I said curtains would be put there before the first night. I went through it with my mom and I was commenting on everything, described it and what would happen during the renovations. It was furnished but everything was old. Some things looked like it just needed to be cleaned, some things still had their old charm, some things looked like they had to be thrown away and some things looked disgusting. The appartment was huge. When we got to one place we saw cleaning ladies (saw 1 but knew there were many more) and then said that we had paid to get at least the dust cleaned away. I continued the tour of the appartment, when I got to my bedroom who had it's connecting bathroom I had stopped talking to people I was not seeing and my mom was not there anymore, I was with a man and we looked like newly married. I saw there was two sinks and I said wow that's so cool, I asked him if it would stay like that so we would have our own sinks and he said yes. I was so happy.