I remember one dream.

A man wanted to do experiments on the black sheep of his family (cannot remember much and 1 thing i cant remember is what the man he wanted to experiment on was but he was a family member). The building it was done was old and it felt like it was done at least decades ago (or it was just the state of the building). The room the man was kept was like an hidden room but he had a few windows that were not hiding. While they were separated via an intercom or something else the kept man asked for something and the mad scientist put his hands on his ears and acting like he was the one going crazy due to the situation he screamed I am tired of this I cannot do this anymore (not exactly that he said but something like that) and the man said but I only asked for a desk and a chair (i could see what he wanted to do with that which was write). Then the man said okay then I will jump out the window, the scientist did not believe him and then he was out the window with many people trying to make him change his mind about jumping. One of the person ended up telling the man a story the scientist had told, a supposed childhood memory and when the scientist went out there to try to save him, his reputation and his plan the man looked at him and said why did you told them then we used to climb chimneys together. Then it was all over and the scientist was in his home (looked big and beautiful and rich) all happy because the man was back in the hidden room back where he was doing experiments, everyone had went with the scientist's story and he was proud of that. He was talking about beans (green and all not the other beans) then it was rice and he put different kinds of rice on the floor and his Dog started eating the first pile that was cooked and the second was uncooked and the scientist layed down next to that pile continuing his lecture on rice.