I remember one dream.

I and someone else was bringing prince Harry to a lot of fast food restaurants so he could taste different kinds of hamburgers, cheeseburgers and fries. He especially loved cheeseburgers. I told them about my addiction to salt and he made a grimace. I wondered what the side effects of so much salt was and the other person started to tell me and the last she said that it ruined the eyes and that people like me had to get them replaced and that freaked me out totally but I said that I could not stop eating so much salt because without it I found the food disgusting and could not eat. Then I was looking at a magazine and I saw that people had seen a dragon while riding a roller coaster and that made me laugh and I told them. I said that the name of the dragon and asked is that from Harry Potter and Harry said yes. Then I was looking at catalogues trying to find objects to decorate my house, I found a few ones that were interesting to me and was trying to imagine what it would look like in my home.