Spent less than ten hours in bed. Had an average night. Remember two dreams (1 is a part that came back to me after getting up).

The only thing I remember from it is that I took my Lypsil and when I opened it almost nothing was left, I wondered why because I had used it that same day or the day before and there were more of it. I also remember that there were quite a few people around.

I was on the Dr Phil show. After my interview he said that he had a gift for me, it was tickets to see a Rammstein show and it also came with backstage passes. He did not want me to go alone so he picked a woman from his staff that I had gotten closed with. The show was awesome and after it was more awesome when we saw them because Richard Kruspe took a liking to me very fast and we ended up after talking a while where all the others were alone. We started with a walk where we saw an old RV that looked awful from the outside but it was not so bad from the inside. Then we ended up in bed (these 2 things could of been reversed), it looked like my old bedroom but from the window it did not looked the same. He told me that he always wear a condom but with me he did not want to and I said yes to that. After making love we were having a vacation in the found RV that was renovated (not completely...we wanted to get away right away). We were tired so we were looking for a spot where we had the right to park our RV. I told him that I remembered the place where we were driving and that farther was a sign for camping, for that moment there was at least one other person with us because one other voice said you passed it, I said no it is farther, Richie was worried but did not say a thing and kept on driving. We indeed arrived where it said camping and I said to the voice see I told you so. There was two places we could go in that camping place, both places we arrived there by a weird way (it was different colors and had to choose which way quick because it was things that moved) it was very scary when we put our RV in this thing and Richie was scared that we would end up on the sides falling from these things so he did not let go of the wheel and his foot was close to the pedals. When we were almost at the end there were lots of dirty laundry, most of it were underwear. A bunch of it were in front then some appeared at the back. We had to get out for an inspection. There were many people there that were working and most were for the dirty laundry. I was very disgusted by it because there were dirty laundry evereywhere and it seemed mixed with the washed laundry. I was asked by a woman to show her a cleaned pair of panties, I did it but with a disgusted way by picking it up with the tips of my fingers and throwing it on the ground to show her all of that was disgusting.