I remember one dream (a nightmare!!!! i also remember before having this i woke up terrified from another that i did not remembered but i was very scared - i even thought someone was in the room with me - turned around almost immediately after waking up but turned back the other way because i thought i was facing something/someone dangerous).

I heard that Shumi was dead. It was a rumour started because during an afternoon he left his house with his family to go somewhere else, they did not told anyone else where they were going and why so people just said that he was dead. A lot of people also were angry that again we were not informed of what was going on. I was trying to keep calm but everywhere they were saying that he was dead and when they were not they were angry about the lack of informations, some places it was even both and in some places they have set up things in his memory. So this finally got all to me and I started to cry and the freak out. I had images of him suffering, of him being brain dead, of him dead. I then (or mixed into these awful images) remembered him when he was racing. At the end I was on a motocycle and crying, I ended up next to Tom Cruise who was also on a motocycle. He looked at me and saw that I was crying, he asked me what was going on but I did not heard him and when the green light came I went. I was driving a little bit dangerously, I also had a basket with a puppy in front which is I petted when Tom Cruise was next to me.