Well, that explains it, Jana! LOL.

You are an erotic fiction writer! There's the connection between the bridesmaid dresses and blood.

This dream maybe hinting at some direction you could take in your stories. Women who read romance *do* want erotic fiction but (taking a hint from the popularity of 50 Shades of Grey...) remember to keep the female characters "good" rather than raunchy. Women need to identify with the main character who can explore sexuality and passion but still retain their good girl self image.

Also, the drugs in the dream could be a hint for you to involve drugs in at least one of your plots. Date rape drugs are very current. It also allows the character to have sexual experiences without personal responsibility.

Just thoughts from your dream...

Two dogs=two friends, assistants.
White=goodness, purity or innocence,spiritual, rescue themes

Going to France when you have no desire to go there can indicate your transition will involve ending up somewhere you didn't intend. For example, writing about a topic you didn't think of before.