Just a few words about your dreams since I hadn't been keeping up:

Elleise, you're still tapping into a certain dimension where socio-political events form before manifesting. Everything you said makes sense as there is a huge grab over the changing telecommunications industry as it merges technology. Land lines? Going the way of the dinosaur. Cell phones? Old school. Google glass (as in eyewear featuring mini computer screens) sounds cutting edge now but it will evolve in a twinkling of an eye into something like chips embedded under our skin. Of course, the conservative Christians will protest, believing that this is the "mark of the devil" predicted in the Bible.

Nancy, I wrote an article about the bee as a dream symbol. Bees can symbolize both positive and negative events and traits. But within the context of your dream, I suspect that there is someone is your waking life who represents this bee:

Look for someone who belongs to an organized establishment or group (a church? social circle? traditional line of thought?) While there are benefits of belonging to this group or believing this line of thought, it can come with a sting if you don't go along with them.

That it landed in the garbage bag with the rest of the bees indicates that you and your family will discard their ideas.

The money dream reflects how you feel about getting along with your parents in your waking life. They've made some efforts but you're not satisfied because it doesn't "make up" for all the woe they've caused you. They feel that they've done enough but you don't agree.

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