Spent about ten hours in bed. Had a bad night. Remember two dreams (the first is 1 part that came back to me after i was up and the second has been getting away from me ever since i had it).

My parents came back from the grocery store and my mom told me that my dad had bought me yellow marshmellows in the forms of peanuts eventhough they both know that I hate that color for marashmellows.

It was a young rich woman in a huge beautiful house (at 1 or 2 parts i had the feeling it was me but mostly did not have that feeling) and someone broke into the house. She could of easily came out and save herself but decided to not risk it and stay in her bedroom where she closed all the doors and turned the key so that it would not be opened (sorry im tired and dont recall how you say that action), she even did that with her closet eventhough there's no way to come in and out of that place. She could hear that man so she took her phone and went and hide beneath her bed. At one point she called 911 but she remembered that there was a room in the house that had lights coming in when a phone was in use and the man was there when she called. She went out and it took a while but she was able to arrive outside where she ran to a fence that led to a neighbor and she climbed that fence (this is where i thought it was me because there were spider webs and she was afraid). The last thing I remember is her climbing the fence.