I remember two dreams.

All I remember is that I was blaming a friend that I have not seen in years and with whom I have not talked in more than a year even via email for not having a job. I also remember a list, that's it.

Mom came to me (the house did not looked like here and it was dark) and told me that we had a problem because we both had an appointment at the same place for the same day but at different hours. Hers was at 9:00 and mine was at the start of the afternoon or noon. She said that then looked at me and I did not say anything so she said well I'll go to mine then I will stay there while dad come and get you and she went on again like she was dying or something and left. I rolled my eyes and called that place asking if my appointment could be put right behind mom's and they could do that. That was not something I wanted because two days later or the next day I would start to get up early every morning but at least that would take away some of the drama in the house.