This one may be of inspiration for possibly others wondering of the great connection...(this will tie in my next article here).

I woke from almost another world. If you've seen movies like the Hobbit, I haven't but I've seen clips. Anyway it was like that, in color w/a touch of "What Dreams May Come."

In my dream, I had a house, like the Hobbit, with a grass roof. My best friend, Shelby (my Springer Spaniel that's passed) was there waiting outside my hut. My husband was there, Shelby was in the front patch of grass with his tail wagging. He was waiting for my cat Shadow, but shadow wasn't in the dream.

To my right a large black raven sat on the window sill looking into my hut. It had a metal lantern and eyes that all of the sudden glowed a bright emerald green.

The next morning my husband had me watch a movie called, Kumatre??? It's on netflix. Have to double check that name. Anyway, half-through the movie, a group of Spiritualists had a community and the woman running it said, "Yes, these are what's called Hobbit Houses.

The next evening, well, early this AM, maybe 3:00 - ish, our cat Shadow, died actually. We just burried him.

There's more, but it'll be in that article...if it can fit... confused

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