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By the way, I get a funny feeling that your husband could have a career in politics. He will be able to move in at the grassroots level, representing some facet of the common worker. Encourage him to speak up to make changes on the local level. You may not like this new direction for him as you will be inundated by the unsavory energies of political people. But your husband can accomplish some good things.

Talk about kindred-synchronic's (I just went ahead and made up a word. Been doing that a lot lately, lol).

When I first met my husband, which I mentioned at the B & B/Boarding-service (whatever people want to call it) house I had, it was no accident. I knew he was coming, but I didn't know what he looked like.

I remember this because just before, unfortunately, I was in the middle of a "Discovery-Channel" sensing murder, type deal/feelings, communications, etc. And, well...in the small town I lived, I had had a dream of a young boy w/a message. It was a dream that stayed w/me all day until I just dropped on the couch, spaced out and said, "Oh, my God." I started crying, pacing, the usual - at least in this house.

Anyway, the boy had hung himself. It was a town secret, literally. No one knew. By chance, one of the boarders worked w/someone who'd heard the gossip and as soon as they walked in the door I said, "HAve you heard anything about...like a death, near here, in the town?" The answer: YES. How'd..."

Anyway, I had to clean my act up for dinner and the guests I would be serving. It's hard to do that an not be emotional.

At the end of the dinner, this gentleman showed up (my husband now). He'd heard of me, what it was I do and had come to expose/discredit me under the guise of a "read."

I explained, I'd do it, but wouldn't be able to until I could get "clear." Peaceful, cleaned dishes, candles, etc.

He asked me about the death of a friend of his. I told him I couldn't get anything. It simply felt "flat" I tried and tried and I'm like, "It's there's just nothing there. Were you even close to this person?"

Turned out it was a ruse. He hadn't a friend that passed. BUT, from there the rest of the "read" well, it went pretty much what you just wrote above.

I asked if he was in the middle of writing a book (which he was). I got up and began pacing. He was a truck-driver (flatbedding) at the time.

I said, "You know...you're 'marked'...you're marked for great things, a blessing of greatness. You'll not only be wealthy in your heart and your home, but you'll do great things. You'll exceed those w/in your family both in happiness and wealth and have you ever thought along the lines of politics by any chance?"

Both he and I remember that day. The thing was, what I DIDN'T "see" was that we'd be married one day. Didn't even enter the picture. Go figure, lol confused

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