I remember two dreams.

I was at the table, dad had taken his bath and came in the kitchen to eat, at one point he got up or walked to the table to get something and his crotch was right in my face, I was disgusted but did not say anything (that had to do with the start of the dream which I cannot remember - i remember in the parts i remember thinking dont say anything so he does not feel bad again).

I decided that I would take baths instead of showers. Before taking my first bath I realised I had forgotten something, I was looking around for something to put on myself so I could go get it, I finally decided on my bathrobe. My house was huge and there were people everywhere. I felt naked and that people were laughing at me for taking baths instead of showers (that time i was out getting something i looked like the actor who played David on Roseanne). The water bath was dirty, at first I did not mind because my mom was the one who was washing my hair and I did not want her to see me naked but the more I was in there the more I was disgusted and wanted to get out.