I remember two dreams.

That first dream was hard to follow and I barely remember anything. It was like the end of the world a woman (if it was me i did not look like myself) was trying to either stop it or go back to before it started. By the end when she finally reached what she was supposed to reach to do what she wanted to do she was with a man (started with more people - do not remember if him too was in the group - i only recall before that final point her and another woman being in a plane - the woman of my dream was trying to stabilised it and she thought she did but seconds later it was not) and just seconds before it was all over (parts of the floor had to be opened) someone appeared to tell her the man was a robot and she did not believe it and he showed that he was. She was pleading with him after repeating while crying no and he was conflicted at least a little bit by his true feelings for her and his mission as a robot. Then it went in the past with two men and after everything exploded they were looking around in shock, one of them knew that it was caused by a plane and that the woman who was his friend or more was in it and that she needed help. He screamed for the other to follow him then started to run in the rubbles towards the plane.

Priscilla Presley had divorced Elvis. She had found love again but by that time she looked like Pamela Anderson. After eight years they were still going strong while Elvis was miserable. They had two sons (Elvis & Priscilla) and after she was asked again why they were not married she said that they were taking their time and enjoying life. She was in a bath with bubbles and she was explaining how they met. She said she was somewhere and her youngest that was eight years old just pointed to someone that he never had met after looking at everyone and said that's the one mom who will be your true love, she laughed and since he was cute she went to meet him. In the bath she said that he turned out right.