Spent less than nine hours in bed. Had a bad night. Remember one dream.

The season of the Dallas Stars had started but it was still Summer, after their second game I was like they will end their season a few months before the playoffs (my dad was there too...said nothing and was looking at me...his presence felt huge)! Then I was with them and everything was normal, I went to meet Patrick Roy for the first time and he invented me in his office at his arena to talk, soon after we had sex, everytime we would play against Colorado we would meet to have sex. Then it was the start of a season and they had decided that Rusty (Antoine Roussel) was still part of the team but won't be dressed, I thought that was cruel (at that point i was always with the team during the games), I kept on looking at the stands during the first game at him (all the cut players were in the stands in rows that were near the ice and they had their jersey on but normal clothes with it), he appeared professional but he was very much bothered with him, I spent a day with him then decided that eventhough I liked him a lot that it would be better that he would be traded to another team so that he could play, I talked to the coach and other people from the team and he was exchanged.