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I dreamed I was working with someone at their house and my car was stolen. I found it and parked it in front of the house and it was stolen again. I just have a 2009 ford fusion, who would want to steal that? My boss or client was male and he was going to help me, but someone working with him kept interferring. this dream really [censored] me off.

Oops, sorry I missed this one, Anjel. frown

This dream seems to reflect what is going on in your waking life. You're helping someone but in the process, your ability to move forward with your own life is being negative affected. You're not so impressed by your own life path at this time but it's still your life. You try to restart your journey only to be sidelined again.

Just when you yourself could use a helping hand, it doesn't arrive. Someone who could help YOU is not showing up. And it bothers you that while you're always there to help others, you don't feel that this kindness is returned.